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I Miserabili 2012 Ita Torrent Raynjone

On 6 June 2012 Hathaway and Crowe performed their first song, "All I Ask of You", in the same order they did during the making of the film, Hathaway singing first then Crowe joining in later. Hathaway's scene was shot first, and Crowe's scene was shot later. Crowe was visibly frustrated when Hathaway failed to hold a note and could not perform with him. "There is nothing I can do to get her to sing", Crowe said. After the song, Crowe picked up Hathaway's cue sheet and realized she was singing an incorrect lyric. Hathaway later stated that it was the most challenging scene to film, that the singing is a lot more complicated than it appears and she was nervous about her singing ability. Filming took place in Sydney, Sydney Opera House, Kangaroo Point, Observatory Hill, Sydney Harbour, Balmain, Parramatta, Rose Bay, the Fairdene, Concord, Ingleside, Parramatta Road, and the North Head. Following Hathaway's singing, Crowe joined in to sing "Remember Me" as they are featured in the second verse. Originally, there were two versions of the scene: Crowe singing first and Hathaway singing second. According to Crowe, his scene will be the final scene shot of the film. Crowe filmed scenes for the third day, on 7 June. The producers were able to keep a secret until the second day of shooting when Hathaway revealed that Crowe was playing the "Master of Time" in her film. She told the crew that a superhero had arrived, and the film was about "history, change, faith". Following this, the crew began filming a scene where the Master of Time gives Hathaway the Time Stone. They filmed the scene at Wooli, near Sydney's western suburbs. Filming at dawn was used to hide the lighting that was used for Crowe's appearance. Crowe was chosen to play the role due to his ability to use both his arms and his legs. The last day of filming was 10 June, with scenes being shot at Bondi Beach, St. Andrew's College, The Old Government House, The Garden Palace, Fort Denison and Museum of Contemporary Art. For the scene, Hathaway and Crowe are in the Bath House which is located at Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour. Initially, the producers had the two singing in the nude, but the two actors decided that would be "distracting", and opted

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