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Serial Key Rslogix 5000 V20 148

-128-08 I will put that on two questions as I can't figure out how to do them as one, the code itself is fine and working properly. 1: Why does the code stop scanning and load/scan the hive files when it reaches the last item in the query? I am trying to query a single field to make sure that the query is only getting the items that match that field, why does it stop the query at the end? 2: How do I get the next bunch of hive files without having to type them in manually? Re: 3: How do I get the next bunch of hive files without having to type them in manually? When you say "the next bunch of hive files", do you mean when the current folder is the only one of the bunch? Or does this mean that you want to fetch all the "unplayed" records starting from the beginning of the previous folder? You don't need to close the HiveQueryExecution to start new one. For example:Wyoming Grandparents Law Would Be an 'Act of Love' First it was state lawmakers who wanted to end same-sex marriage; now it's a group of married couples from Wyoming who want to ensure that grandparents can care for their grandchildren. The proposed Wyoming Grandparents Rights Act would amend state law to say, essentially, that the child of a grandparent would be the child's parent for all legal purposes. The Wyoming House Judiciary Committee voted 7-2 to advance the bill, but members didn't take a final vote before the end of the session. The state Senate has not scheduled a vote on the bill. But opponents of the bill say that it's an attempt to codify bias against gay and lesbian families. "This law would basically put gay couples and lesbian couples back in the closet and would change the definition of what it means to be a parent," said Andy Baraghani of Wyoming Equality. "It would codify something that is just the antithesis of what this state is about. It would really send a message that discrimination, that discrimination against gay people is a good thing and should be the law of the land." (What's next: Gay couples would have to travel thousands of miles away to get married.) Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, R-Laramie, is the sponsor of the bill. She says that she's concerned about the needs of grandparents who

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